Recap: The editors of the roundtable

The Twitter chat featuring the participants of our annual Consumer Travel Editors Roundtable is the biggest #TWchats gathering of the year when measured by participation and reach. In this chat, six editors of major consumer travel publications reconvened to tweet about big issues of the day.

Our co-hosts were Julia Cosgrove, the editor-in-chief of Afar, and Afar's digital content director, Laura Dannen Redman; Jesse Ashlock, the editor-in-chief of Conde Nast Traveler; Jacqueline Gifford, the editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure, who took over the publication's primary account for the chat; Klara Glowczewska, the executive travel editor of Town & Country; Bob Guccione Jr., the editor of, who tweeted using his publication's account. They were joined by Arnie Weissmann, the editor in chief of Travel Weekly.

In this chat, coronavirus' impact on traveler behavior, "personalities" of hotels and travel dreams came to the fore. Many of the topics were driven by the roundtable itself, where the discussion and tone was influenced by the presence of hotelier Ian Schrager.

For more of the editors' comments, as well as tweets from chat participants, go to Twitter, search the term "#TWchats" and then read on.

Q1:Where do you dream of traveling? Where do you think your readers or clients dream about?

Q2: This year's Editors Roundtable focused on hotels, thanks to hotelier Ian Schrager's participation. Tweet about a memorable hotel moment from a recent trip.#TWchats

Q3: Covid crisis: What do you think will be one of the biggest changes in how people approach travel planning in the near term? #TWchats

Q4: Covid crisis: Now let's take the long view: Tweet about a travel practice that you think will change long-term as a result of the pandemic. #TWchats

Q5: Roundtable topic: Equinox, Taco Bell, Bulgari are among consumer brands that have entered hospitality.What have you seen them do that's right?And which brand(s) SHOULD get in, but haven't yet?#TWchats

Q6: More on hospitality: Tweet a hotel practice that turns you off -- or that you used to dislike but have learned to appreciate.#TWchats

Q7: Covid crisis: Restaurants are struggling right along with travel overall. If you could travel to one destination with a heavy foodie focus, where would it be?#TWchats

Q8: With travel at a standstill, how do you approach travel writing or travel journalism? Readers: What types of stories resonate with you? Links to your top or favorite articles encouraged ... #TWchats

Q9: Major resort,lifestyle/boutique hotel or Airbnb? Which of these styles appeals to you most right now & why? #TWchats

Q10: Roundtable topic: hotelier Ian Schrager talked about "extrovert" hotels (buzzy, fun, high-energy) and "introvert" hotels (low-key, old-school, formal). Which do you fancy, and why? #TWchats

Q11:Editors in the past two roundtables have "happy place" when talking about travel plans. Where's your happy place? #TWchats

Q12: Roundtable topic: What is something important that travel companies should do to raise the bar on sustainability/environmental practices? #TWchats

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